Uma refinada mistura

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Hoje ao fim do dia telefonaram do banco para eu ir buscar a garantia já revista e corrigida de acordo com o desejado para o efeito… suponho. Bom, já tenho os documentos e parece agora possível marcar finalmente o contrato do escritório. Não vou deitar foguetes. Já podem comprar a Cosmopolitan de Dezembro que trás […]

More Perl

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1:02 am GMT The wedding was nice, especially because most of the mass I was outside the church (thank heavens!) :) We didn’t stay too long, so I got to come home and ahave a Perl lesson with the expert. Very cool indeed. I’m completely turned on to Perl. 15:27 GMT Darn! I had a […]


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0:57 a.m. GMT I’m learning Perl. It’s not easy for a brain whose cells have been dormant to programming for ages (no, I don’t count knowing HTML as programming, for Zeus’ sake!). I used to program my Spectrum using BASIC. That hardly counts. Anyway, I just did my first lame script and am going to […]

Meat balls!

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1:18 a.m. GMT I’m in the middle of watching Star Wars again with my wife. What a wonderful family ritual, one I’ll never get tired of! I’m terribly looking forward to seeing the new Episode I and it’s especially annoying knowing that the movie will soon open in the civilized world and that I’ll have […]


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0:08 a.m. GMT – now playing: The Fun Lovin’ Criminals – All my Time is Gone Funny how a new day starts… just now I was typing away about heat on April fifth, and suddnely I look at the clock and realise it’s the sixth already… ten points on observation here… 10:44 a.m. GMT – […]


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1:31 a.m. GMT Been back a while from my couple ‘o’ days in the country. It was nice, but by the second day I could kill for a computer. There weren’t any, nor were there videogames, a VCR or gigantic music systems. There was, however, sun, trees and flowers, some gardening and that sort of […]

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