Meat balls!

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1:18 a.m. GMT

I’m in the middle of watching Star Wars again with my wife. What a wonderful family ritual, one I’ll never get tired of!

I’m terribly looking forward to seeing the new Episode I and it’s especially annoying knowing that the movie will soon open in the civilized world and that I’ll have to wait until next October to set my eyes on it. I really hate this feeling of living in some sort of outer rim system, some sort of off-world colony, or perhaps the Kessel mines…

Anyway, it’s to damn late again and tomorrow I really have to be up early for a meeting or two. Gladly, one of the meeting involves our accountant which, by a happy turn of fate, happens to be my grandfather whom I haven’t seen in over a month.

Well, not many entries scheduled for today, then, since I’ll be away from HellMachine most of the day.

If I’m terribly lucky, then I might bring home a new SoundBlaster Live! and I can feed this crappy SoundBlaster PCI64 I now own to the pigs.

Gone to bed.

9:38 a.m. GMT

A successful breakfast for me consists of a simple, yet carefully engineered, cup of milk. It took me years to reach the perfected state of this breakfast and now I cannot live without it. It’s one teaspoon full of coffee (I use Nescafe classic), 4 teaspoons of white sugar, a cup of non-fat milk, stir. Heat up in the microwave, on maximum heat, 1,5 minutes. Immediately remove from oven and stir again. Stirring again is important because the microwave separates the ingredients.

The intense microwave heat melts the sugar into a soft caramel flavor, which mixed with the coffee is a real treat. Vary the amount of coffee according to your amount of sleepiness.

After drinking this sugary treat, your lips are likely to shut together, try keeping your mouth slightly open.

Now, feeling like I’ve just shared important and life-changing information with the world, I can get ready to get on the bus down to the river, cross it by boat and meet my partners for a nice cup of coffee and then proceed on to my meetings.


20:11 GMT

Everything went pretty well, except I didn’t get any SoundBlaster Live. Bummer.

Off to have my tuna fish with chick peas and hardboiled eggs.

22:30 GMT – now playing: Philip Glass – Island

I’m supposed to check out how to use CGI in HTML. I mean, in the middle of HMTL… can’t really figure it out… The main problem is, I don’t really know exactly what is the problem I’m supposed to solve… CGI in HTML? shouldn’t that just be a normal URL call?

Yes, as it seems it’s the , nothing much. With that cleared up it’s time to order the “Learning Perl” book.


Where do I order it from? or

I think there’s actually a problem before that dreaded dilemma: I’m broke. Darn! I need that damned book!! I just hate not having money…

23:36 GMT – now playing: Guano Apes – Tribute

I think I’ll sink in the couch drinking heavily and watching Star Wars… I’m tired.

Oh, BTW: all CGI problems solved.


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