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0:57 a.m. GMT

I’m learning Perl. It’s not easy for a brain whose cells have been dormant to programming for ages (no, I don’t count knowing HTML as programming, for Zeus’ sake!). I used to program my Spectrum using BASIC. That hardly counts.

Anyway, I just did my first lame script and am going to test it online. Drum roll please…


It worked perfectly locally, but, obviously it didn’t online. Yes I did all the necessary chmods… Anyway, if there is that one single thing I hate about UNIX systems is how bloody incomprehensible they are!! I run a stupid telnet to the server, try running a text editor program and it’s so cryptic it get seriously ridiculous! You have to use several-key combinations to get simple things done and sometimes, absolutely nothing happens no matter how much you press any key in sight… Oh… I’m just terribly pissed that my script didn’t work.

1:21 am GMT

SHIT! I just saved April 9th over April 8th AND uploaded it!!

Damn! How can a single human being be so stupid! well… it’s bloody lost forever, I didn’t have a copy or anything… yesterday is lost forever.

1:30 am GMT

Tritão is online! Cool, maybe he can figure out what the hell’s wrong with my script headers.

No, apparently… which is fairly typical I must say… The problems I have had with software and (especially) hardware are close to ridiculous. I mean, doing everything right, everything by the book, nothing left undone, no loose ends, all corners checked and still! something screws up. Always! It makes people scratch their heads and go “hum…”. Be it motherboards or CPUs, graphics or sound boards, be it an operating system installation or, apparently, a Perl script… it’ll all screw up a thousand times in my hands until it works fine.

And sometimes, alas, out of magic… it’ll just work without anything being changed or touched, like now. It just worked! Oh Well, happiness… my very first crappy Perl script.

20:05 GMT – now playing: huh… never mind what I’m playing, I’d probably be flame-mailed for it…

What a pathetically useless day… well, I did manage to spend an hour and a half at the gym, pushing up stuff, which is nice…

Anyway, just got my haircut, a nice shave and a shower… ah! the kind of thing I like! Feel much better. Too bad I have to go to a wedding tomorrow.

No it’s not because of who’s getting married, all nice people, family and all… it’s where’s it’s going to be… it’s in a church *shudder*. Love churches, hate religion. The problem is I only like to be in churches when there is no probability at all of being approached by anyone religious. As it is, I’m going to have to go to a religious wedding which will include a mass. Wonderful? For sure!

The last one I went to included Beatles songs adapted to “oh lord save us” kind of lyrics… Hey people, the Beatles did drugs, free love and lived off big fat dividends… helloooo!? I couldn’t believe everyone was actually doing the cross sign and everything, even people I believed were non religious… fear… it’s a wonderful thing.

There were basically three people close to bursting into laughing: me, my wife and her brother… anyway, we did do a few good jokes on the priest and all… it’s one way to pass the time when lacking a gameboy. Although I suppose the best way to pass time in a church full of religious people would be to bring a portable computer with “Sin” installed and play it through the ceremony.

Oh the catholic church! The most successful gang in history. Theft, extortion, murder, persecution. Ooh, the nazis, they were so terrible… ooh! Let’s not compare them to people who invented most if not all types of bodily and psychological torture and execution, burnt people alive and held world domination in their hands for centuries…

Oh well.. I’m sure I’ll burn in hell… or perhaps I’ll be hired there!

If you want to excommunicate me, go right ahead.

21:03 GMT – still playing unpopular music

I’ve just read Jamie Zawinski’s letter of resignation from Netscape and the project… it’s here. In it he simply says that Microsoft has won the browser war and that it’s even unlikely that there’ll ever be a new version of Netscape. Chances are, Netscape, the browser that changed the world and brought the Internet to everyone, will disappear. I’m very depressed.

I sincerely cannot stand Microsoft anymore… how dare they to walk in and destroy everything and everyone around them? What next? Will they decide to go into graphics software and destroy our beloved Adobe? The already put a foot into 3D rendering by acquiring “Soft Image”, soon enough they’ll go seriously into games and kill all the truly creative and innovative game developers. Then what?

Do they simply want to rule the world? And if they do, shouldn’t James Bond be taking care of Bill Gates as we speak?

Would anyone please just bomb Microsoft out of existence?

22:36 GMT – now playing: Jean Michel Jarre – Industrial Revolution (hell! the things I used to like when I was a teenager!)

Anyway I’m beginning to work on this site a little more. As you can probably see coming in the index page looks different and the popup menu does not work. I hardly understand JavaScript, so I left the original menu at the bottom (together with the “this site sucks” warning). I’m going to try to get some help with the Script.

Hooray it now works! By Mercury!

I shall now fill in the popup menu with links to every day and be happy, for a change. Everything seems to be working just fine and I love the double eye image I used on the first page, those *are* my own eyes, one of them is a 180 degree rotated copy of the other… innit neat?… ermm… what now?

Now the log entries, or, to be more accurate, the days themselves, need a functional navigation system. As for looks, as I’ve said before, nothing will be changed and these pages will retain their initial looks as the more recent ones change (evolve?) .

Now, if only my internet connection wasn’t slower than a limp slug knowing that each step will bring it closer to a pit of lava, between around 10:30 at night and 1:30 am, I’d most certainly upload stuff and improve on this site right now… but it’s nearly impossible, my FTP connection to Fortune City falls every two files transfered and it takes almost five minutes to transfer 8 kb, if I’m lucky.


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