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1:31 a.m. GMT

Been back a while from my couple ‘o’ days in the country. It was nice, but by the second day I could kill for a computer. There weren’t any, nor were there videogames, a VCR or gigantic music systems. There was, however, sun, trees and flowers, some gardening and that sort of thing. I got a bit of a sun burn on my face, from mowing weeds out of their misery.

Lucky enough my football team just won a five-nil game which I watched in my extra large wega telly. I checked my e-mail and downloaded a “Sin” patch. Feel much better now, yes, thank you.

2:29 a.m. GMT

I’ve just added this site to the OpenPages webring. It’s a ring dedicated to online diaries, and after having read some pretty neat stuff I decided to join.

My own online diary project has barely just begun, but as soon as I can dedicate a little time to it it’ll be a little more functional as well as interesting, I’m sure.

2:43 a.m. GMT

I’m wasted, the short vacation killed me and I’m ready to go back to work and be rested and relaxed. Oddly enough it always seems to be like this… Every time I go away on vacation I comeback needing some rest.

A couple of weeks in Algarve: Spent them swimming, running around, jumping or otherwise cavorting in some tiring sort of way in the swimming pool.

A week in London: walk, walk, walk. The very first day there we went from Picadilly to the Houses of Parliament on foot, not more than an hour after having left the plane and then some more.

I think my problem is I spent five years in college doing absolutely nothing. Boy, is that annoying! After a while things stop making sense… my life was divided between not doing anything and doing nothing at all. Now I panic at thought of having nothing to do. Gratefully my small design company is heating up and there’s always stuff to do, there are meetings to go to and, of course, there are already two comic strips we’re putting out weekly. There’s also the teaching job once a week, which I’m getting used to (now that I have only 10 classes to go…) and I still try to go to the gym three times a week.

I’m really looking forward to developing this site further. I’ve been writing diaries and journals for years now. Some are terribly juvenile (as expected of young people), but I tend to keep them as some passages are now true gems. I did toss away my puberty years diaries, as they were no more than hard-core as written by a 13 year old.

Putting it online opens a new level of challenge. One that I am eager to take.

2:55 a.m. GMT

Gone to rest my few remaining neurons.

14:37 GMT

I am now downloading the playable demo of “X-Wing: Alliance”. These guys at LucasArts are just amazing… They’ve put out “The Grim Fandango”, which I recommend, followed by “X-Wing: Rogue Squadron” and now “Alliance”, there was also “Rebellion” recently and there are two games based on the new “Episode I” of Star Wars to come out on the next few months. And the games are always great.

I have only a crappy 28.8 connection, so the download should take me about 5 hours (I wish I knew what kind of 28.8 modem do the guys at download.com have, because they estimate the download time in 2.5 hours.). The full download is a mere 28 megs.

19:55 GMT – now playing: Coolio – Gangsta Paradise (dub)

The game kicks ass! You get to pilot an YT-1300 Corellian transport (i.e. Millenium Falcon model). At the end Lucas says, you actually get to pilot the Falcon inside the Death Star, simulating the battle of Endor. Major disappointment: although you can jump into the gun turret of the ship, it’s not terribly exciting… the fighters don’t actually come in range of the cannon all that much as they prefer to waste you directly from behind. Also… when you’re wasting away at the gun turret… THERE’S NO ONE FLYING THE SHIP! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGH!

Found that the hard way… There is a silly droid sitting in the copilot seat… I wonder how you get it to fly while you shoot… A cool feature would be to, through a network, have a pilot and a gunner (or two, since the Millenium Falcon will have two gun turrets if correctly rendered). This would kick major ass, as, for the first time, you could have a co-op net game in which everyone’s aboard the same ship!

I managed to play the demo on my Matrox Millenium G200 at 1024X768 fairly well. The sound, however sucked bad, once again, on my SoundBlaster PCI64. People! Stay away from this soundboard!! I can’t believe how much it sucks! I bought it, I don’t know why, but I bought it and I regret buying it more than I ever regreted buying any computer part at all!

I have now ordered a SoundBlaster Live, which is what I should have done in the first bloody place. I repeat: stay away from the SoundBlaster PCI64 card.

20:21 GMT – now playing: Sheryl Crow – Solidify

My JavaScript is getting checked by Tritão. If it works, I may still make a popup menu for the diary site today.

I keep getting this error:

JavaScript Error: log.html, line 21:
self.frames.mlog.document.choose has no properties.

Whatever the hell that means…

Well, apparentely it means that it won’t be done just about now, maybe later…

20:57 GMT – now playing: Sheryl Crow – Cold Turkey

Finally I’m downloading some Perl stuff, namedely the sutff that makes it possible to program Perl under Windoze. I just can’t begin to understand how I can install Linux without wiping my disks, so I’m starting like this and maybe one day, who knows, I’ll be rid of Windoze forever.

BTW: this Cold Turkey version by Sheryl Crow is pretty neat. Always did like the post-Beatles Lennon songs…

Well, got the Perl thingies, now I wonder if I’ve ever learn this?

21:25 GMT – now playing: Sheryl Crow – All I Want to do (live)

I’ve just decided that the look of this diary site will not have backward compatibility. This means that these pages will look like they do now forever and, whenever I change the look of the site it will only apply to future pages. In that way it’s easy to browse, no only the days and events, but the way the site looked when they happenend.

I also just dicovered I didn’t quite read the OpenPages rules throughly enough (son’t you all think we spend way too much time reading internet service rules?). Anyway, my journal has to have at least seven entries before it is accepted into the webring, so it’ll take me a few more days, I suppose, since I don’t intend on making up stuff.

21:59 GMT – now playing: Sheryl Crow – Father, Son

Aren’t black backgorounds terribly exhausting?

I’ve been online for two hours now, checking out other online diaries, weblogs, whatever. I found some pretty interesting things. I’ll combine my own ideias, with something my wife told me about pillow books and ideas I’ve collected around the OpenPages webring… I’m startig to have a few ideas on how this place can look like and be organized.

22:26 GMT – now playing: Miles Davis – Freddie Freeloader

Yea! the Javascript popup menu is now working and ready to be adapted to my needs. A special thanks to Tritão, of course, master of JavaScript.

Tritão is giving me a little intro to Perl, which he’s starting to learn himself. It’s a mess! What the hell is @_ and $ ? It’s not easy! The last programming language I used was Spectrum BASIC, for Odin’s sake! ok, so, $ stands for scalar, a type of string in perl which accepts any type on information, while @ stands for array. Worse thing is, neither of us knows much about Perl, since we’re only starting. I’m inclined to ordering a few books.

23:07 GMT – now playing: Deep Purple – Strange Kind of Woman

I think I’ll disconnect now and go have dinner instead of just packing in these spicy Ruffles chips. Or I’ll probably just go play “Alliance”.


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