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0:08 a.m. GMT – now playing: The Fun Lovin’ Criminals – All my Time is Gone

Funny how a new day starts… just now I was typing away about heat on April fifth, and suddnely I look at the clock and realise it’s the sixth already… ten points on observation here…

10:44 a.m. GMT – not playing anything, cause my wife’s asleep.

The cartoon just got edited a bit, minor changes, nothing much. Done it. Uploaded it. No history.

11:55 a.m. GMT

Working on a new site, the ideas don’t seem to be flowing all that well, which is a real bummer. It’s another thing that pisses my off: trying for hours to do something great and coming out empty or with a load of crap. Right now I have nothing and it starts to itch… little by little I start to get more and more anxious and soon enough I’ll be going berzerk, totally pissed off and unable to do anything at all. That’s me.

And that’s why there so much broken or patched up stuff around my working area, that’s why my keyboard is missing the F9 key and my drawing board chair is disfigured beyond recognition.

What do I do now?

12:02 p.m. GMT

Man! I just uploaded some files and noticed that FortuneCity has slapped some sort of banner on my index page… it’s all fine by me, of course; they do provide the 20 megs of free space, but… Can’t anyone design decent graphics in this bloody world? Have you seen the damned thing? I mean: the site looks awful, yes, but I have some plans for it to look better… now, with that horrendous thing hanging on the main page it’s always gonna look awful no matter what I do!

Cripes! *shudder*

21:52 GMT – now playing: Garbage – Hammering in my Head

The new entertainment site is starting to take shape as I draw schemes and write down its structure and functionalities. I’m aiming it for next June, will it be ready?

I just defined all of the sections and their contents, it’s time to e-mail the structure to my partners and have them comment on it. I’m quite happier with version 2.0 than I was with version 1.0, to be honest.

22:55 GMT – now playing: Genesis – The Last Domino

Victory! Tritão just made the first fully functional Perl CGI script. I mean, he just made it work, he didn’t exactly write it, but it’s a very good first step. Soon enough we’ll be making custom CGI for websites.

23:20 GMT – now playing: Philip Glass – Floe

Time to hit the kitchen and cook myself some steak!!


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