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Blast it’s hot!

It’s bloody hell hot, it’s flaky-flukey, dingy-dongy, blinkin’ hot!

It 32 bloody degrees at 11 a.m. It must be about 40 indoors at night. I’m dying here! Please give me air conditioning! Please let me move to Sweden!

Today I decided I definitely want to have Linux running on my PC. So I picked up the Suse manual and started reading… I read and read, and although I pretty much understand 99% of it, I can’t really bring myself to risking an installation yet.

I can’t risk screwing up my whole system and be left with nothing can actually work with. If I was to simply install Linux by itself I’m sure I’d manage… but because I still need windoze, just to keep on the safe side… I am somewhat reluctant to try it by myself.

Bah, I’m sure I’ll have it someday…

Anyway I’m downloading the latest Matrox Millenium G200 drivers… I wonder if it’ll make any difference. I’m really sorry I ever bought this video card… It’s no good, simply put… Better image quality, they say… fine! But why o I want better image quality if I can’t actually crank my 3D games to 1024 X 768? It’s just to slow… Now I have my heart set on an nVidia card… but they’re still too expensive… I’ll wait.


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