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Monday, and another meeting. This time with a painter who wants to exhibit his work on the internet. It’s all right. His work, that is… I kinda liked some of it, which isn’t at all bad when you know that I think art is dead by suicide.

What is art?

More importantly… what is art today? Buggered if I know.

The truth (as you know I am the carrier of the Ultimate Truth) is that there simply isn’t art anymore. Art was a form of communication and expression, it became a professional activity and a trade, and more recently it became a product. It simply isn’t fun anymore.

Why should I paint anything, or sculpt anything these days? So it’s sold? How can paintings be worth millions of dollars? This doesn’t even compute with my brain I’m afraid.

I think everyone should just stop being artists, I mean painters and sculptors… they should quit and go home. Become carpenters or dog trainers… there’s no point. It’s all been done, it’s been done to bloody exhaustion by now. Let’s stick to commercialism which is what our society can deal with right now. I’d hate to be a painter and know that I’m selling one of my paintings to an ignoramus that picked it because it matched her living-room carpet. I prefer to make a cool poster and know that I’m selling a million of them because they match the buyers carpets, curtains or simply because it covers a patch of badly done wall.

Let’s just stick to cartoons and illustrations, simple things with a simple purpose… and, of course, sit back and enjoy all the great works that have already been done… it’s ok now… put down that brush… take a deep breath. You don’t… need… to… paint!

So anyway… I feel like an ice-cream… anyone?


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