Old red eyes

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It’s 6:19, and I’m not up early… in fact I haven’t been to bed yet. It’s the fourth time this week that I don’t sleep in order to work. There is a high level of anxiety involved in the proccess.

As the clock moves merciless towards 6:00 a.m. I go into desperation, I twitch, I feel like crying out… I’m so exhausted I can barely sit straight, all my muscles hurt and my efficiency level is down 95%. I hate working like this, it’s the exact opposite of what work should be.

Now the animations are redone, but unfortunantely I have to upload them, and unfortunantely I have a crappy 28.8 connection which will take almost one and a half hour to upload 12 megs. So now I’m looking at the time, it’s 6:23, I know it’s all done and I could go to sleep, but I’m going to have to stay here until around 8.

I’m supposed to be up at 10…


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