What is the matrix?

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I went to see the Matrix today. Two hours and 25 minutes of pure joy. This film is almost like a comic book come to life. There are super-heros, kung-fu fighting, lot’s of shooting and a deep emotionally disturbed hero :)

If you like sci-fi, if you like kung-fu and if you like comic books like me, you’ll simply love The Matrix. The film is jam packed with great special FX, which don’t really take over the action, action which doesn’t really take over the story and a story which doesn’t really get in the way of a lot of shooting.

There aren’t many explosions, which is nice, because I’m really tired of those. There are plenty of guns and shooting, though… but there’s also a subtle sense of humour toward the shooting scenes themselves as well as throughout the entire movie. Meaning, it does not take itself too serious while keeping it serious enough not to become ridiculous.

This is by far the best movie I’ve seen in months. But don’t go see it if you’re a pseudo-intellectual or something, it ain’t worth it… you gotta enjoy having FUN! That’s what this movie is all about. Fun. It’s not deep, in the end only love saves the day, it’s corny enough but the settings, the characters, the story are just my cup of tea. It’s a comic book, pure and simple. I loved it.

Later on the day we had a presentation of the finalized CD-ROM presentation we’ve been working on… yes, we had a presentation on sunday, went to the client’s house and all.. anyway it went perfectly, the guy loved it so much he’s ordering two more CDs for September.


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