Why sleep when you can work?

Publicado em , por Pedro Couto e Santos

I just had a dreadfull weekend. We estimated this work at around 1.995 Euro and a three week deadline. The client requested we do it for 1.496 Euro and in 5 days.

Worked friday all day, Staurday, like a slave, sunday — didn’t stop. I didn’t sleep sunday, and ended up in bed aroud 7 a.m. Monday for a quick nap and then back to work until now, it’s now tuesday, 5:23 am GMT… I am now uploading the huge AVI animations, which should go on for a couple more hours… I’m probably not going to be before seven again.

Hence my title: why sleep, when you can work?

Yes, believe me it’s reaaaaally fun! My eyes can barely keep open and hurt, I’ve eaten so much radiation from my monitor that all my kids will turn out to be some sort of mutant super-heroes… all for the money, of course :)

On the brighter side I might finally be going to see “The Matrix” on Saturday (if I’m still alive)… I hope it’s as good as it seems.


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