I’m older since last week

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It took me a week to write again.

In the meantime two events have taken place.

Firstly, it has been my birthday, I turned 26 on friday the 11th. It was great. I got my first toy in ages! Yes! My parents bought me a Qui-Gon Jinn light sabre! It’s great, it has sound effects and all, I loved it.

I got a bunch of presents, and managed to cram 16 people into my tiny 4 by 3 metre living room singing “happy birthday”. There was a musical jam in my music room and everything went fine except that Quake 3 isn’t working any more, I have no idea why.

Then, yesterday, it was election day. We voted to elect 25 representatives for the European parliament. There was an apalling 60% people who didn’t bother to vote.

I voted for the Socialist party again, they won. Funny thing is, every party came out to say they’d won. Everyone won! Which ispired me for my political strip for this week, obviously. In my country no party ever looses an election, which is really funny, to say the least.

Well, I am older now, and wiser, of course. 26… on step closer to 30. I wonder what it’s like to be 30? I hear women have their sexual peak at 30… but, what can we blokes expect of it (I mean, besides being married to a 30-year-old-sexual-peaking-woman?)


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