MySQL, Perl & Kungfu

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Today I upgraded our internet account to take advantage of mySQL databases.

It obviously coincided with the fact of my introduction to the wonderful world of mySQL. So I’ll be in charge of mySQL and it seems pretty easy up to now. We’ll need to use mySQL for a new client we’re trying to “catch”.

Oh, my order arrived today… you gotta love ordering stuff from the UK. Now I’m the proud owner of “Programming Perl” by Larry Wall et al, the reference book for any aspiring Perl programmer such as myself. The order also contained “The Art of Stretchig and Kicking” by James Lew. It’s a kung fu book, divided in two parts: stretching and kicking (obvious isn’t it?). I’m especially interested in the stretching part as I’ve been noticing a severe loss in mobility lately. I cannot reach my toes with my fingers while keeping my legs stretched anymore… not by a long shot since I can barely bend at the waist.

I decided to start a daily practice of stretching exercises to help me overcome this problem and this book is exactly what I expected it to be, with the added bonus that, if I can master the stretching exercises I can then proceed to learn how to basically kick ass in any given way… with extreme prejudice :)


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