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Late last night I joined the Seti@home project. It’s really rather cool, although most of it was totally incomprehensible for me at the beginning.

I’ve read some FAQs since then and now I vaguely understand what’s going on when I download a chunk of radiotelescope data for my CPU to analyze. Anyone can participate, actually, there already 500.000 participants in over 200 countries who’ve already contributed over 1600 years of processing. You can joun in on the program wether you have a Windows based PC, a Mac, a UNIX, Solaris or Linux machine, you name it check it out here: Seti@home.

Tomorrow there’ll be a European boycott to fixed telecommunications. Especially, we should refrain from connecting to the internet and using our phone lines for any other reason. The idea is that the telecom companies are overcharging to take advantage of the ever growing number of internet users. Also we want flat rates like the ones in the USA, meaning we shouldn’t be charged by the minute for phone calls, we should just be charged a fee for every call and that’s it.

Learn more about the strugle of European telecom users for better services and lower rates here: Telecom Strikes.


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