Good day bad day

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21:28 GMT

The day was great! And it wasn’t.

It all started out fine, woke up early, had my milk/coffee/caramelized sugar cocktail, felt just fine.

I managed to do the cartoon for tomorrow, scan it and paint it nicely. I think I’m improving on that one, it now seems fine.

Then I procedeed to work on the new entertainment site we’re about to launch and voilá! it finally fell into place and I managed to come out with something cool.

By the end of the day, things were all going nicely until this e-mail came. It was about a bunch of stuff but what really bummed me out was the part about our longest standing cartoon.

It’s been almost a year we started the cartoon about these technology experts who always mess stuff up, anyway, it’s coming out weekly on an online mag for almost a year. We asked for new conditions, gently, not only were the conditions turned down, they’re shipping us off, no further questions.

It’s going to end. My jaw just dropped! I always entertained the notion that they actually appreciated our work and… well, liked it! Apparently they don’t give a toss and so they’re simply getting a new cartoonist or whatever… amazing… on top of everything they send their “executioner” to do the dirty work…


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