The dreaded weekend

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It’s the weekend. I don’t like it. The weekend is full of bad things.

On Saturday I stop, I want to sleep, rest and do nothing, so I do that and the whole day passes me by. At a certain hour I’m bored to death (specifically, now).

Then on Sunday it’s the end of the weekend and so Monday is right around the corner. It sucks, to use vernacular.

So today we did our taxes, which is always a perfect time to make me perfectly infuriated. I simply have trouble accepting that the state takes away my money in whatever percentage they please and then enforce a billion strict rules to not let me deduct my expenses. I become agitated and angry.

About an hour after doing this, I let a little problem with running a game really get to me and thrashed my office. I broke some stuff and threw chairs around and screamed. I didn’t feel much better and proceeded to go watch a match on TV, which sucked bad and my team lost by 2-1.

I was pretty close to murder by then.

This isn’t any fun anymore…


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