The Lasagna diaries

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0:28 a.m. GMT

I’m cooking lasagna with my wife, the real stuff, not frozen this time. We’re cutting a bit off the 2 and a half hour cooking of the Ragú, though.

My computer, or should I say windoze, is acting weird, the five disks/partitions in HellMachine: 666, Death, War, Famine and Pestilence are all mixed up, links are missing, programs can’t be found… how I love windoze…

Good news is, I might be installing Linux soon (at last!), I have it since christmas (s.u.s.e.), but can’t install it (lamer alert!), will get help soon.

1:08 a.m. GMT

Lasagna is in the oven, E.T.T.D. (expected time till dinner): 45 minutes.

I’m thinking about this site, it shall have perhaps a frame with a popup menu to easily access any given day, it’ll probablly include some pictures and, for sure, some sort of e-mail contact so that people can easily reach me for a good insult or two (or, in the case of more civilized people, exchange lasagna recipes).

I’m now going over Fortune City trying to get my free e-mail to work.

It works. I can’t seem, however, to retrieve my mail any other way except by logging into a web based e-mail client, which is something I loathe. I’ll check their chat and see if anyone can help.

Ok, fine webmail is all I can get, then it’s all I’ll need, e-mail me if you want, click here (not available anymore: may 5th, 99).

Bloody hell!: 1:49 a.m. GMT, the oven went off, it’s been off all this time and it’s bloody cold! The lasagna now resembles a piece of old plaster. Still, nothing will stop me now, the oven is back on (no, no explosions) and the E.T.T.D. is now… well, 45 minutes… I might take this time to begin reading Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchickers Guide to the Galaxy” which I finally borrowed from a friend.

2:41 a.m. GMT

The lasagna was great! A bit light on the salt and a bit heavy on the tomato, but still… pretty good! This was actually, I must confess, my first lasagna.

And now off to bed!

19:30 GMT

I’m outta here! Going south for the weekend, will be back Saturday night.


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