The Oscar thingie

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1:19 a.m. GMT

Just came back from the movies, went to see “Elizabeth”.

Again I cannot understand this Oscar® thingie. This movie “Elizabeth” was nominated for a bunch of them and so was “Shakespeare in Love” (yes… shudder… that title is really awful); anyway, I saw both and, although “Shakespeare in Love” was ok, “Elizabeth” is by far a much better movie in every sense: better actors (although Joseph Finnes is in both movies), a better story, better dialogue, better settings, clothes and yes, better direction… The same thing happens over and over!

I still can’t bring myself to believe they actually awarded that crap “Titanic” with so many bloody statues, and it still pains me to remember they named “The English Patient” best movie/director over “Fargo”… Oh well, that’s the kings of bullshit for ya…

1:25 a.m. GMT

Gone to bed, three meetings tomorrow.

21:51 GMT

Finally came back to HellMachine (my computer), to check my e-mail. The day was extremely tiring and at the end it rained on my vinyl copy of “Five Miles Out” and my “Boxed” box was drenched… that’ll teach me to leave stuff out by a leaky window.

Anyway… I’m beat and can’t really think of anything interesting to write, so I think I’ll leave it here for now.


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