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It’s 1:27 a.m. and I’m still sitting in front of the computer, listening to The Beatles and exchanging ICQ messages with some guys. The fact that I’m actually maintaining two conversations at the same time can get confusing, especially when I should actually be sleeping… perhaps I should get off my butt and go make myself some coffee.

Or maybe not, I do need to sleep if I am to begin working on the new cartoon series early tomorrow.

I finally brought myself to using the “please mail my password back to me, I’m a dickhead and lost it” service at fortune city so I can actually upload these files and let my life float around on that magnificently ethereal thing they call the “net”.

I’m not in a bad mood today, which is a nice exception. Let’s see exactly how long I can stay like this.

The shitty frozen lasagna I had for dinner is kicking my stomach and my brain is begging for some coffee, or maybe sleep.

I think I’ll just throw my ass in bed, eat some ChocoCrispies and read Sandman comics, I’ll come back later.

These are the very first lines of this completely uninteresting diary website, weblog, as they call it; if all goes as nature intended this project will be forgotten within a week and a couple of html files will linger, lonely, here until Fortune City decides to put them out of their misery.

My special thanks to Kikoo for staying up late talking rubish with me and hitting reload on his tired browser to check out this page. Live long and prosper man.

It’s 2:38 a.m. GMT, logging out.

13:07 GMT.

Most of the morning was spent on the drawing board achieving nothing, this new comic series is more demandig than usual and I can’t get myself to produce the results I want and the client expects, it’s back to the drawing board…

In the meantime, there’s more website updating work to do… but that is easy… and… it’s… done! I’m glad this doesn’t take too much work, because the pay is really crappy.

Here I am again in the middle of two conversations through ICQ… Apparentely, one of my partners has advanced some more on the creation of that new comics series, he’s uploading some stuff for me no, let’s check it out… They’re great, of course, which just means I gotta go back to that drawing table and be inspired.

It’s now 13:43 GMT, logging out…

14:39 GMT

Victory! I have managed to draw a super-hero type, a mean judge, a nervous attorney, a cute woman lawyer and a wide eyed black secretary. Yes, the strip is about lawyers.

The super-hero, I’m figuring, will probably be based on a certain lawyer friend of mine… it’ll be a downtrodden lawyer with an oppressive boss. At night he becomes some sort of avenger and goes out to put criminals out of their misery.

18:40 GMT

Gone to the movies.


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