Is this how you see designers in your company?

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I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately and it seems to me unchangeable the fact that some people inside organizations still view designers as spare wheels; like on a kid’s training bike, you know, mere accessories that give some support, but aren’t really an integral part of the bike? And you end up removing them, anyway, so they don’t even have to match the set.

Well, if you’re one of those people, I’ve got five words of wisdom for you. And this comes from years of experience and a keen sense of observation, so trust me, when I say:


I hope to have been of assistance.

Edit: I realize some people think that this is me interpreting an image I found online, but I made this image to prove a point. Yes, you can say that training wheels support the whole bike and yes, you can interpret it in other ways. But I drew it with a specific meaning in mind, one that I made clear in the accompanying text.

And don’t forget: even if training wheels do support the whole bike, they’re child’s play and not meant to remain in place for very long.


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  1. Alexandre Carvalho says:

    I was not thinking of it as a set of spare wheels, but as a way to make things easier and available to everyone. You can look at this picture from many angles… just don’t be hasty to focus on just one.

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