Good days ahead?

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Give it up for drugs! I don’t remember sleeping this good for ages!

I think I’m going to love these pills… now let’s see what they can do for me during the day, whether or nor they reduce my normal agitated self. More news as they come along…


My bum hurts. I’ve been doing lunges at the gym and it really works the buttocks. I suppose it just means I’ll have a good ass to wear 1970’s style tight pants. Which is nice.

Had quite a good day, I’m wondering if the pills are having such a good effect or if they’re half acting as medication, half as psychological stimulation. Anyway I finished a couple of layouts for a new site and a cartoon rough for a client, it’s all online to be presented tomorrow.

We’re also redesigning the biggest search engine in the country… and IT’S A MESS! We can hardly believe anyone as actually used it recently. They have become a portal as well, but the information is scattered, terribly organized and the connection between portal and search engine is a ghastly mess. This is going to be a challenge and it’s going to bring us a lot of attention. We’re talking media, this time.

Notice how my levels have gone down! I’m less stressed (actually, I’m a little stoned at the time), the mess is down a lot, since we recently cleaned the house, my to do bar is also down a bit, cause I got a few things out of the way today. Nice.

I think I’m going to bed now, let’s see how tomorrow goes…



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