My first pill™

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The day went fairly ok… went to deposit the checks, totaling 5.252 Euro (vat included, which will be delivered to the taxman :) soon).

I started work on a new site for a client, and it’s going fairly well, once again.

At the end of the afternoon I went to meet my parents at the gym and they gave me some pills, Pacinone 40 is the name, halazepam is the ingredient. Never took it, so I’m going to start on a rather low dosage, half in the morning, half at night.

We’ll see if it works or not… keep your eyes on the stress bar :)

Note: I just saved the 29th entry over the 28th entry. FUCK! I hate when this happens… anyway, I’m not writing it all again, so here’s the breakdown:

– went to a 4 hour meeting, got a check
– Dee got my mail: another check there
– Dee got accepted as a design teacher at the school where I teach
– I have admitted to myself having a problem, so my parents are going to medicate me with some pills to try and control my anxiety


Well, it’s now a bit over midnight, I just finished watching “The X-Files: Fight the Future” with Dee. My heart kept racing, not that I was terribly excited about the movie (although I did like it, I’d seen it before)… I was just in my normal state of anxiety.

But -AHA!- this time I have drugs! I just took my pill and I’m hoping it really works. Anyway, since I can take up to three a day I can always increase the dosage, provided my parents tell me so, of course.

I’m going to have to wait up to an hour for the pill to take effect. In the meanwhile I’m waiting for Nort… there he is on the mobile! He’s coming online for a little game of Quake hehehehe, let’s turn all this anxiety into rockets!!


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