Quake III Arena

Publicado em , por Pedro Couto e Santos

23:39 GMT

Today was the day I first played Quake III Arena online.

Actually this was the first time I successfully played Quake online, any version.

This game is absolutely superb and after a few tries I was king of the frag, always classifying in the top 3 spots and even winning a 30-frag round. It kicks so much ass I don’t think I can compare it with anything. The game is so sweet and the action is so vicious! I especially love it when the server has only a few players running around… makes it even sweeter to catch a bad fucker from behind and make him eat a rocket (… pardon my language…) :)

Anyway, this is a must for everyone and you can hardly complain… although you must have some pretty handsome hardware, especially including a 3D accelerator, you can play this game if you have a Mac, Windows or Linux. As for connection speed… well, let me tell you, this is quite a luxury programming work of art… I can play the game with my lousy 28.8 connection with a 500+ ping and beat the crap out of people playing on a T1 with a less than 50 ping. There is some lagging, that’s understood and it does depend a bit on the server… but if you can find a space in one of id software’s servers you’ll know what perfect Internet playing is.

I am completely hooked, my phone bill is gonna go sky high and my wife’s probably gonna kill me… but I’m enjoying every second of it.


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