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Yep, I had restarted the whole online diary business last wednesday… and then came Windows. Since wednesday night I’ve been battling my way through cross-linked files, lost clusters, bad directory entries and the ineffable bad long filenames…

In the middle of all this my Windows 95 stopped installing (no idea why), so I had to turn to 98, which I really didn’t want to. I spent hours trying to get the network to… well… work. They say Windows is very network-friendly, but the truth is that if I ran the diag prog that came with my network cards, they would communicate happily between each other… When I ran the windows net diag prog it would respond with a hardware error…

And then, those troubleshooters… “is your computer on?”, “verify that you actually have a cable”… they’re so lame! Anyway, I managed and after five days I got my network, zip drive and some software to work under windows98. Sadly, one of my favourite and latest pieces of hardware, the SoundBlaster Live, still has some pretty bizarre problems.

I just hate this, I seriously do. More and more I believe that Crowley from “Good Omens” came up with Windows in the first place.


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