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14:40 GMT

Tritão turns 26 today. Happy birthday.

Here’s a little of what it all means: Tritão is obviously a nickname for my partner Nelson. A Tritão, or perhaps Triton, is a small amphibious lizard commonly known as Salamander. A Triton is black with yellow spots. This is not, however, where the name derives from, it derives from a homonymous cartoon character created by Nelson back in college which is nothing short of a laughter riot. Unfortunately these adventures are not yet online due to character registration and trade marks which are still not taken care of. When this is done (probably around 3652 give or take a year), there will be literally dozens of new comic strips we can publish online.

19:56 GMT – now playing: Jörn Brackhagen & Don Tano – Jerusalem Boogie

It’s cold and almost raining. Just a few days ago I was going out of my mind with how bloody hot it was in this house…

The music I’m listening to is available only on MP3 format and is part of “Lost in Static 18”, a musical tribute to Mike Oldfield put together by Jörn Brackhagen. It’s made up of several pieces by fans of the Oldfield mailing list “Amarok”.

The MP3s can be downloaded here:

I was supposed to participate (and I actually did), but my piece never made it. I’m about to re-record it now and put it online on my own and sod everyone else. Anyway the music available at the Static 18 page is pretty nice for amateurs, some of it is very professional actually. Of course you should be at least a little bit into Mike Oldfield if you’re going to download any of this.

So yes, I’m a Mike Oldfield fan… or perhaps used to be…? I have become very sceptic lately… His latest albums are more and more a sort of mid-life crisis, to old to rock and roll, elevator, new age, meditation music. I’m pretty much still into his old stuff, and when I say old I mean from the seventies, like “Tubular Bells”, “Ommadawn”, “Hergest Ridge” or “Incantations”. Actually I run a small mailing list and website of the Amarok Tabbing Society. It’s a group of people that works together to tab Oldfield stuff for guitar and bass, you can find it here:

22:52 GMT

I’m browsing with Pato (the duck!)… Man, the web sucks! It’s incredible the amount of people that have responsibility, fame and influence in the industry and present themselves through the crappiest websites you’ve ever seen!

There are literally whole pages done as an image. All of it! text, pictures, all a big JPEG! The vast majority uses stolen art, deja vu clipart and invariably badly resized and adapted images.

And what I can’t imagine is why anyone at all in the web today still uses the animated e-mail icon with the word “e-mail” rotating around the planet earth, or the one with the envelope entering the mailbox… These are companies we’re talking about, not personal websites, companies!

It’s also unbelievable that most companies can’t even present their own logo in a decent way! there are distorted logos, bad transparency matting, creepy stuff…

It’s getting pretty funny now! I’m laughing uncontrollably… there are some sites… man! It’s getting out of control, I’m laughing my ass off! It’s just unbelievable how some sites look… completely ruined JPEG images due to maximum compression, webpages with no background colour (welcome to Netscape gray!)… and the worst thing is probably the slogans… I’m getting hysterical!


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