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18:56 GMT

I’m bored.

22:11 GMT

I truly have nothing at all to say today, isn’t that sad? What do I do now?

Here’s some trivia: I’ve found that my fingers are thicker again, it’s so funny… just a couple of weeks ago, my wedding ring nearly fell off my finger if I wasn’t careful; now I can hardly pull it off past my knuckle. It’s the heat, I guess…

What a boring day! I did go to the gym and workout for one and a half hours, but there’s never much to tell about that. I am moving on to pretty heavy weights in almost every exercise, althgouh I’m fortunantely not getting huge. There’s this new guy, used to be a thin little number, but he’s on steroids now… what a difference… I wonder if he thinks it’s worth it to have huge arms and tiny testicles…

Me, I just enjoy lifting stuff I guess. And I always go with my parents which is nice because otherwise I don’t get to see them much.

Had chinese for dinner and watched “Apollo 13” on TV, just because it was on. It’s not a bad movie, it’s kinda cool, actually, although I never did like the “oh make me cry” sort of ending… I like the space sequences, I can’t help it.

Oh well, I’ll just go surf a bit and then on to play Quake, maybe…


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