Money makes the world go ‘round… what if we run out of coins?

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0:11 am GMT

Here we are at a brand new day. Which means yesterday is just barely over.

I’m very tired again. Went to a new client yesterday, walked a lot as per usual. It was what appears to be a good client, or at least, a client smelling of money… we’ll now if they’re a good client after we start working for them, if ever…

Today there’s another meeting… not an entirely new client, but an agency we’ve worked for before presenting us with a new client. It’s weird, but it all checks out in the end. “cheques” being the operative word.

Also yesterday (it seemed just now… maybe it’s because it was!), my wife rented, and we saw, “Antz”… pretty cool movie! What else can I say? It was pretty cool. I particularly liked the bunch of bugs sitting by the fire at night, one of them is eating and goes: “hey! this stuff tastes like crap!” and the other one goes: “yeah? let me try it… you’re right it is crap! good stuff too…” These aren’t exact quotes BTW.

In the meantime I fell in love with one of the tracks in my new Ninja Tune album, it’s track 7 from CD2, by DJ Food, and it’s called… “The Crow”. Man it’s a sensational track! I’ve just been playing it over and over again… the double-bass, the flute, the congas… great, just great! I used to hate everyone who’d stick an “MC” or “DJ” in front of their name… but regardless, DJ Food is one of my favorite artists right now.


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