Sweet day

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Today I feel relaxed and at peace. It’s sunny and to go with that mood. I am wearing shorts and a shirt, the typical western white guy out of his element, trying to blend in and failing hopelessly. Percy Faith’s Orchestra Lounge classic “Theme from a Summer Place” is playing over the PA.

I imagine myself in the lobby of some big hotel in a sunny island in the Pacific, it’s nice and warm in the early morning and the sea reflects the sun light into my eyes, making me put on my stylish Ray Ban shades. I walk out of the hotel, across the street avoiding the colourful 1960’s model cars passing by and I lean against the short wall that separates concrete from sand.

People are lying on patterned towels, putting on sunscreen and smiling. Some are bathing in the quiet warm Pacific waters, the lounge music plays from Bose speakers hanging from the streetlamps and there is peace in the air.

I take a deep breath, let the sea air into my lungs and relax. I have absolutely nothing to do and nothing to worry about. I turn around now and from the Hotel door, my wife waves at me and starts walking to join me. She’s wearing a black and white bikini, covered by a translucid beach-dress. Her hair is covered by a black on white polkadot scarf and she’s wearing white framed sunglasses.

It’s going to be a sweet sweet day.


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