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Pronto, hoje como não tenho mais nada de interessante para dizer, declaro dia da playlist.

E portanto aqui vai a que estive a ouvir a tarde inteira, são 43 músicas, não se podem queixar nem de falta de quantidade, nem de variedade:

1. Moby: We are all made of stars
2. Goldfrapp: Human
3. Pink Floyd: Brain Damage
4. Tomahawk: Cul de sac
5. Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker (live)
6. Queens of the Stone Age: No one knows
7. Kruder & Dorfmeister: Trans-fatty acid (Lamb remix)
8. Mew: Comforting sounds (radio edit)
9. The Beatles: Free as a bird
10. Radiohead: Everything in its right place
11. Korn: Falling away from me
12. The Chemical Brothers: Block rockin’ beats
13. Queen Adreena: Pretty like drugs
14. Prince: Willing and able
15. Queen: Somebody to love
16: Goldfrapp: Strict machine
17: Red Hot Chili Peppers: My friends
18: Monty Python: Galaxy song
19: Django Reinhardt: Honeysuckle rose
20: Radiohead: Life in a glasshouse
21: Rage against the machine: Killing in the name
22: Outkast: Hey ya!
23: Moloko: Familiar feeling
24: Eminem: The real slim shady
25: Pink Floyd: Bike
26: The Beatles: Let it be
27: Jimi Hendrix: Purple haze
28: Deep Purple: Child in time
29: Nine Inch Nails: Starfuckers Inc.
30: Apollo Four Forty: Lost in space
31: Lamb: Learn
32: Manic Street Preachers: A design for life
33: The White Stripes: Seven nation army
34: The Bloodhound Gang: Mope
35: David Bowie: China girl
36: Nirvana: Smells like teen spirit
37: Richard Cheese: Chop Suey (System of a Down cover)
38: Lamb: Gabriel
39: Terrance and Philip: Uncle Fucka
40: Metallica: Nothing else matters
41: Black eyed peas: Where is the love
42: The Who: The real me
43: Seteve Morse Band: Runaway train



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