Symphony for one diesel engine

Publicado em , por Pedro Couto e Santos

I’d like to know if garbage removal people aren’t aware that their trucks are noisy. I don’t even mean the City garbage removers, or whatever you call them… ok, they’re doing their job, one that most of us would gladly pass on. Plus they do it extremely fast, so you hardly notice them when they pass by your street at 2 in the morning.

I am, however, talking about those companies that rent these huge debris containers, so that you can do house work or renew the roof of your building (which is what’s happening in this case, two buildings down the street), and leave all the debris in the container (it’s illegal to leave it anywhere else, which is a very nice deal for these same companies). At night they come retrieve it.

This of course means no sleeping for anyone in the street… or… at least not for me.

We’re talking a relatively large truck that has to maneuver for 15 minutes to park correctly in front of the container. Since my street has an inclination of about 45 degrees the engine is going like mad, making the loudest racket possible. Then, the same diesel-driven engine has to work the crane, in order to get the container from point A (on the street ground) to point B (on top of the truck).

…Now, this is particularly noisy. Imagine the biggest, dirtiest diesel engine in neutral, while you put the pedal to the metal and let it roar for about five to ten minutes. It’s not a long time, but if you add it to the time it took parking and mention it was 4 in the morning in an otherwise completely silent neighborhood…

Sometimes I wish this was actually the US, because then, I’m sure, I’d be able to sue the ass off of this particular garbage disposal company… but then again I’d have to actually be an american… ugh…

But life isn’t all bad… at least it’s the last day of August and as much as Summer struggles to stay until late September (which it usually does), nothing can stop the planet from actually tilting and moving away from the bloody Sun again, ending this miserable heat. I can’t wait.


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