Velvet Goldyawn

Publicado em , por Pedro Couto e Santos

So yesterday, we went to to the movies again. This time to see “The Velvet Goldmine”, a pretentious, disjointed bore of a film. It’s not a movie about Glam Rock as much as it is a movie about homosexual love and sex. It starts out with a UFO coming down from the clouds while someone reads “pretentious speech #1”, the UFO drops some glitter (how nice) and leaves Oscar Wilde on the doorstep.

It then goes on to all sorts of excessive sex (I have nothing against sex in movies, believe me) instead of focusing more on the whole Glam Rock movement, if you can call it a movement. So the main character marries his wife in order to get close to another man, he convinces his manager to hire an American rocker in order to sleep with him or fall in love with him, or whatever. In the middle of all this, there’s some poetic bull read by bright eyed girls or bright eyed boys.

Well, truth be said I’m very interested in music and how, particularly in the last 50 years, small sectors of music emerged and disappeared, like, for example, Glam Rock. I was interested in this and it wasn’t developed at all. It was long boring love story between two rock stars.

Of course there are people out there who’ll just say I didn’t “get it”. But if I’d worry… I’d be worried already.


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