Good sunday

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Great Sunday today.

Went out to see a movie. We chose “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, and we chose well! What a great great movie!

Twisting and turning, good story, good fun. Almost every character is dead near the end of the movie and the end itself is simply fantastic.

Once again a small English movie really turns me on to movies again, sure to become one of my favorites.

After the movie on we went to one of those horrible super malls, filled to the top with people that go there for a stroll, dressed in their trainers and sweat pants with their mobile phones hanging from the waist.

Anyway, we went there to actually buy stuff. I got myself two new CDs: Lamb’s “Fear of Fours”, the new album, which I’m listening to now and another volume of Ninja Tune’s compilations entitled “Ninja Cuts”, this one is called “FunKungFusion” and I haven’t heard it yet.

This is what I call a good day, except for the fact that we have nothing edible at home and all stores are closed…


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