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1:02 am GMT

The wedding was nice, especially because most of the mass I was outside the church (thank heavens!) :) We didn’t stay too long, so I got to come home and ahave a Perl lesson with the expert. Very cool indeed.

I’m completely turned on to Perl.

15:27 GMT

Darn! I had a worm thingie! Yes a worm! happy99… a stupid program which spreads through e-mail, so I got it and started sending it out to people.

Computer viruses and worms are the clearest sign that there are stupid people in this planet. “oh I got nothing to do today… let’s program a computer virus which will destroy some random person’s life and work, that’ll be fun!”. Why don’t you do something productive like hack the hell out of Microsoft? Jam NATO planes on board computers or erase AOL?

18:20 GMT – now playing: Jörn Brackhagen – Taurus IV (from the Mike Oldfield fan tribute project)

I’ve just been preparing classes for this week, since they’re restarting on Thursday. I’m writing notes for using PhotoShop, including a simple description of every menu option (or nearly every one), to serve as a reference to my and future students.

It’s not that I’m not terribly bored: I am!

And it’s terribly hot in here…


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